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Webbasierte Lerneinheiten

aus dem Bereich des Technischen Englisch

Electric Car Market

The text in this unit is all about statistics relating to the electric car market. Besides practising your reading comprehension skills and expanding your vocabulary, you can mainly work on the language skills needed when describing trends and talking about graphs and charts.

Inflatable Safety Belts

The video in this unit introduces you to a new safety technology in cars – developed by Ford – that combines the technology of safety belts with that of airbags. Besides video comprehension exercises, you can work on topic-specific vocabulary as well as on the use of adjectives and adverbs and the use of participles in Technical English.

How Things Work

This unit is based on several texts, all of which provide short explanations of how various different technical devices work. Apart from practising your reading comprehension skills and expanding your technical vocabulary, this unit will especially help you acquire certain language structures that are often used when describing technical devices. Hence, learners of Technical English from all sectors of industry may find this unit both interesting and helpful.

Numbers and Measurements

This units gives you a useful introduction into a topic relevant for all areas of engineering: numbers, calculations, measurements, dimensions. It is based on an episode on the radio programme Engines of Our Inginuity at the University of Houston/Texas.

Geothermal Energy

In this unit’s video, you are introduced to the basics of geothermal energy and its uses. The video comprehension exercises as well as the vocabulary and grammar exercises will help you develop your language skills relevant to this topic.