TechnoPlus eng. online extensions

Webbasierte Lerneinheiten

aus dem Bereich des Technischen Englisch

How Things Work

In this unit, you will read a number of shorts texts that provide you with explanations of how the technologies described work. Besides reading comprehension exercises, you will especially work on specific language structures that are typically used when describing how technical devices work.

Turbines of the Deep

This unit is particularly interesting for learners of English in the renewable energy sector or the field of electrical engineering. The text on which this unit is based informs you about tidal power and various developments in this area.

An Introduction to Smart Grids

The text in this unit provides you with some general information on smart grids. It also explains why smart grids will be needed in the future. The reading comprehension exercises are followed by various vocabulary and grammar exercises that are relevant for this topic.

Building The Shard

This unit introduces you to The Shard in London, one of the highest buildings in Europe. The exercises, which focus on the comprehension of the text as well as on vocabulary and language structures, are mainly relevant to learners of English in the field of civil engineering or architecture.